The Challenge

Amnesty International Canada tasked our team with two key objectives leading up to their 2020 goal:

  1. INCREASE EXPOSURE: Create marketing and communications messages that would lead to greater visibility for the organization and provide the basis for increased recruitment of both donors and activists.
  2. GROW LEADS/DIRECT DONATIONS: Create a viable monthly donor acquisition program that would accelerate growth, especially in monthly giving, which provides two thirds of revenue.

The Solution

We implemented a multi-channel acquisition and direct response campaign with the key overall thematic message based on the shared values of Amnesty International Canada: respect, freedom and equality. Our approach aimed to build the brand to draw support from a diverse cross-section of audiences.

We used online surveys and online focus groups to test two messages to determine our audience’s response to creative variants. Once we had the data to back up our approach, we developed an integrated suite of creative for television, out of home billboards, and digital channels including social, email and landing pages.

Strategically, the plan was to test wider markets and audiences to determine new groups of supporters through digital and television direct marketing. We could then use the results to develop targeted messages and audiences. Once this was done, we built a strategy for a conversion journey involving email and telemarketing, which led to a monthly ask and subsequent upgrade.

The Results

Cause Change immediately attracted a significant lift in leads, with over 2,000 in the first three weeks, at a cost per lead that trended far below our benchmark. Monthly conversions were very strong, and this success led to a national and global expansion, creating a movement of supporters who are – as of 2018 – still causing change for social justice.