MADD Canada’s mission is to stop impaired driving and to support victims/survivors. Impaired boating IS impaired driving, and MADD Canada set out to raise awareness and change dangerous perceptions during peak boating season.

MADD Canada enlisted Candela to highlight the risks of impaired boating with a TV and radio PSA campaign in the summer of 2021. The PSAs illustrated a beautiful summer day with summer accessories and alcohol floating by in the water juxtaposed with boat parts, a direct result of an accident due to impaired boating. The contrast served to remind audiences that those very aspects that may be associated with fun summer boating days, could result in the deadliest of consequences.

The English PSA was sent to 38 TV stations across Canada, and was then downloaded 39 times; the French PSA was sent to a total of 15 TV stations and was then downloaded 13 times. For radio, the English spot was sent to 475 stations across the country and downloaded 302 times, and the French version sent to 119 stations resulting in 88 downloads.

The PSA was also shared and promoted on various social media. Between YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, the PSA achieved over 1.5 million plays and views, more than 50% higher than projected, and a total of nearly 3 million impressions.