The Challenge

As one of the largest childhood research hospitals in the world, St. Jude was interested in exploring new international markets for expansion. St. Jude challenged our team to provide a strategic plan for expansion into the Canadian market.

The Solution

We developed an expansion plan to achieve success in the Canadian market, divided into two phases.

Phase 1

We first researched the US market to understand how it could translate and apply to the Canadian market. This process included:

  • Interviewing key stakeholders in St. Jude fundraising, marketing and partnership departments
  • Reviewing marketing and fundraising resources in Canada, including donor data and mail testing
  • Determining key Canadian target audiences and markets via cluster and penetration analysis
  • Developing key personas using geographic analysis and market research
  • Researching legal and structural options in Canada

Phase 2

Based on the findings in Phase 1, Phase 2 focused on creating a strategic and tactical roadmap to outline how St. Jude could expand into Canada, including:

  • Recommendations and projection on which channels to use
  • Cultivation and stewardship strategies
  • Recommendation on creative and offer development
  • Donor needs assessment, with cultural consideration per channel
  • Activation plan for digital strategic partnerships
  • Market sizing model outlining projected growth over a 10-year period with key benchmark comparison


The Results

St. Jude’s is currently actively leveraging the strategic key insights provided by our team for the foundation of their market expansion. With our insights and research, they are able to make sound decisions to maximize their investment.